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The population of Freiburg are famously loyal and patriotic to their surroundings, which can be seen in the pride in which they hold all of the activities and attractions that are available to explore and discover throughout Freiburg. What makes tourism in Freiburg such an attractive proposition is that, despite all there is to do, it remains something of a ‘hidden gem’ in tourism terms, meaning those who travel there can largely enjoy all of the things to do in Freiburg at their own pace without feeling rushed or crowded.

With its medieval stone buildings and beautifully manicured gardens, Freiburg University rivals the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. A stroll around campus is a great way to soak up the student scene and experience Freiburg like a local.  Towering above the city, Freiburg Minster is one of Europe’s most beautiful Gothic cathedrals. The sandstone facade was completed in 1330, making it Germany’s only Gothic church completed in the Middle Ages. The nave window features are a highlight, with a deep red hue created by suspended solid-gold nanoparticles.

As you wander around the Old Town, don’t forget to look down. Its cobblestone streets are lined with tiny “Freiburg Bachle” canals that once served as sewers. Today crystal-clear water streams through the canals and creates a serene atmosphere.


Tranio in Freiburg Im Breisgau

Tranio do not mediate transactions but rather liaise clients directly with our foreign partners that are the best agencies and developers in the country of the intended purchase. We work without any additional mark-ups for the clients: if you buy your property through us, the price for you would be exactly the same as the one quoted if you contacted our foreign partner directly. This is an essential condition specified in our contracts with all the partners.
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Arkadia is a real estate site that offers listings of homes for sale and apartments to rent in your local market and abroad. Besides, you can join our online real estate community to find helpful home buying tips on our real estate forum or read about real estate market trends in our blog. If you’re interested in getting an idea about the market value of your property, we can provide you a free home valuation estimate based on local house prices.
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