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Freiburg is a typical small university city. This means you'll find plenty of recreational activities without having to spend too much money. Freiburg is particularly lively in the evenings. As soon as the weather gets warmer, you can meet up with friends and fellow students on Augustinerplatz. In "Feierling", you can enjoy real Freiburg beer. But of course, you can also sit on the steps of the square and bring your own food and drinks.

If you're hungry, you should definitely stop off at "Brennnessel", where you can get spaghetti bolognese for just 1,80 euros in the evenings. But everyone in Freiburg knows this, so if you want a table, you need to make a reservation.

For a night of partying, "Schlappen" on Martins's Gate is a great place to go. It's good for meeting new people and is not too expensive. If you're feeling generous, or your money's burning a hole in your pocket, try out "Kagan" at the main station. This cocktail bar is located in one of the towers so offers a fantastic view of Freiburg. But you have to be properly dressed to get in; a shirt is a must for men!

If you've had enough partying and it gets too hot for you in town in the summer, venture into the surrounding countryside. In the Black Forest it always stays pleasantly cool in the summer months. A trip to lakes Titisee or Schluchsee is worthwhile. And the best thing is you can travel there for free using your Semesterticket.

Freiburg is often referred to as Germany's "eco-friendly capital". And indeed, few other cities attach so much importance to environmental protection as Freiburg. Waste is separated into many different components such as paper, non-recyclable and metal waste. When you know what type of waste belongs in which bin you've become a real "Freiburger"!

Shopping in Freiburg Im Breisgau


In the historic old town of Freiburg you can shop beneath the arcades, in the medieval alleyways and at the foot of the cathedral. In the Gaessle you will find small shops with exclusive specialities awaiting...
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Dentists and Teeth Whitening in Freiburg Im Breisgau

Dentists and Teeth Whitening

Due to globalization and international companies, many people from all over the world come to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany to work here (temporarily or permanently). The German health system has an...
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