Dentists and Teeth Whitening in Freiburg Im Breisgau

Due to globalization and international companies, many people from all over the world come to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany to work here (temporarily or permanently). The German health system has an excellent dental care. Beautiful, healthy teeth are a valuable asset. To ensure that something of such value is protected and preserved for a lifetime, and that a visit to the dentist in Freiburg comes easy.


Your teeth are part of your body. Tooth, gum and jaw diseases - as well as other problems - are frequently interdependent. For instance, chronic back pain often originates in the posture of your jaw and the way you bite. Similarly, periodontitis (gum disease resulting in tooth loss) often causes heart disease. Dentists here assist by offering you comprehensive consultation services, careful prophylaxis, and individualized treatment concepts.


Q-Zahnarzte in Freiburg Im Breisgau

The Q- Dentists combine a broad range of dentistry skills so as to best help you and your teeth. We are specialists in both conservative and reconstructive-aesthetic treatment methods, ranging from parodontology and prophylaxis, through root canal treatment, all the way up to implantology and oral surgery. Furthermore, we are members of all the renowned scientific professional organizations and have all the relevant certifications.
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Dr. Ann-Katrin Mall

Dr. Ann-Katrin Mall in Freiburg Im Breisgau

Dental practice with a focus on orthodontics, preventive dentistry and prophylaxis based in Freiburg. Our smart, relaxing practice rooms are centrally and strategically located in Freiburg im Breisgau. Our orthodontic team treats both children and adults, helping patients to correct misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatments are now available for all ages. We help to eliminate negative influences (dyskinesias) or treat hereditary tooth and jaw misalignments, as well as aesthetic corrections of the teeth.
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